TOP 10 FUNNY ANDY'S COMING MOMENTS | Toy Story Characters at Disney

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Andy's Coming- Disney Fail!! The parques de Disney! The Toy Story characters at the family friendly Disneyland & Walt Disney World parks would fall to the ground when a guest would yell Andy's coming. These Disney characters don't fall anymore. but doesn't happen anymore. These are all the funny Andy's coming fails from the Disney Parks (momentos gracioso parques de Disney) I guess you can say these are the Toy Story Bloopers. This also inspired the Andy's coming challenge (#andyscoming) that circled the internet.*** DON"T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ►


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#10- What Happens When you Yell Andy's Coming:
#9- Andy coming!!!:
#8- Andy's Coming:
#7- Andy's coming myth:
#6-Andy's coming....Disney World Florida:
#5- "Andy's comin!!":
#4- Andy's toys do not fall down when you say Andy's coming. Jerk blew me off lol:
#3- Andy's Coming Fail:
#2- Toy Story Fail!!! Andy's coming!!!:
#1- Toy Story - Andy's Coming!! FAIL:
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