Disney World in Grand Theft Auto 6 • History of GTA Disney

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Will a version of Walt Disney World be featured in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6? The new GTA trailer confirmed that the location of the upcoming game will indeed be inspired by Florida, leading the potential for their to be a Disney-inspired location. Bryan Perri from Disney Jeopardy dives into the history of Fred's Pictures, the fake Walt Disney Company within the Grand Theft Auto universe and discusses potential names and rumors regarding that have been tied to Rockstar Games. Fairyland Forest & Fred's Fun World are two possible names, but there is yet to be a confirmation from the Grand Theft Auto development team.


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00:00 Disney World in GTA 6
00:23 Fred's Pictures (GTA's version of Disney)
02:55 Florida in GTA 6
03:57 Fairyland Forest
05:05 Theme Parks in Grand Theft Auto

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