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Universal's EPIC Universe is set to open next year but earlier today the company gave us a preview of what's to come. Enjoy this fly-through animation of a portion of the new park, including up close looks at two thrilling new rides. Universal's EPIC Universe will comprise of five different lands which include areas themed to Harry Potter, Universal Monsters, Super Nintendo and How to Train your Dragon. The roller coaster seen in the video is called Starfall Racers and will feature to trains racing each other, one representing and rocket, and the other a comet. Let us know if you're excited for Universal Orlando's upcoming addition!

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00:00 Intro and Epic Universe Park Entrance
00:09 Celestial Park Area
00:16 Entrance to How to Train Your Dragon
00:22 Starfall Racers Roller Coaster
00:35 Entrance to Wizard World of Harry Potter
00:43 Constellation Carousel
01:04 Undersea Adventure in Fine Dining at Atlantic
01:16 Entrance to Super Nintendo World
01:30 Entrance to Dark Universe
01:41 Blue Dragon Restaurant
01:46 Helios Grand Hotel

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